Sun and Sands Producer (SSP), a strategic consulting firm focused on India Japan relations
offers India-Japan Business Support and Advisory Services for:
1. Business ideas and information in bilateral domain.
2. Promotion, branding and relationship building across the border.
3. Partnerships and business engagements with respected companies and products.
4. Technology transfer from Japan in various forms including JVs and others.
5. Investments advisory and facilitation from Japan for projects in India.

Our Team

Masayuki Takashima
Concurrently the President of Yokohama Port Corporation; Independent Director, Mitsubishi Steel and Mikuni Corporation. Former Member of the Board and Senior Executive Vice President of Mitsubishi Corporation.
Extensive experience in production of large scale international projects.

Sanjeev Sinha

Country Representative, Tata Asset Management, Japan; Advisor,
City Planning to Nagareyama City, Founder & President of IIT Alumni Association Japan; Founding
President, TiE Tokyo; ex-Board member, IIT Kanpur Alumni Association; Director, Japan
India Partnership Forum; Founder, India Japan Club and Gateway to Japan: India Economic
Zone in partnership with Mitsubishi Estate and Deloitte Tohmatsu; Co-Director, Global
Association of Risk Professionals, Japan. Formerly with UBS (Director, New Business Group),
Mizuho, Goldman Sachs, Dresdner, Gentech Corp (artificial intelligence) and Godrej. Traveled
worldwide including Antarctica and worked in Tokyo, Mumbai and New York, Trilingual (Hindi,
English and Japanese). Integrated Master of Physics, IIT Kanpur and Master in Applied
Finance, Macquarie University.

Koichiro Nakajima
Japan-Myanmar Economy・Investment Center, Deputy Secretary General K PARTNERS architects, Director,Asia Alliance Board, Deputy Chairman. Through 1973-2008 worked for Mitsubishi Corporation.
Completed 70+ number of overseas production bases for Japanese manufacturing companies as project manager.
Developed “ Inbound Plan ” in Japanese hotel chain as director in order to have more foreign travelers stayed with the hotel chain.

Financials and Arrangements
We offer a basic mix of the above on a need basis for a monthly retainer. This may be
customized for specific areas per your needs and can be scaled up suitably for speed.
Any major projects or direct costs arising out of the regular engagement will be separately
discussed subject to additional arrangement. A minimum 1 year engagement* with mutual
confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements is recommended for maximum efficiency and
concrete results (*extendible by mutual agreement and terminable with a 3 months’ notice
by either party’ s desire).

Our core conviction is that there are great untapped opportunities in the bilateral domain.
Our relations, credibility, cross cultural understanding, capabilities and services help in
realizing the potential across a wide range of domains. Our trusted mutual collaboration
promises immense synergies for all our clients and partners. We really look forward to working
with you.