Sun and Sands Consultants is a powerful and most reliable partner of all of you who are planning to do business between India and Japan.


In recent years, a huge elephant “India” with 1.2 billion population has marked 8~9% high economic growth and, even after the Lehman Shock, maintains around 7% robust growth. Huge domestic demand of India is attracting Japanese business into Indian market, resulting in fast growing of business facilities in number to reach 1,424 as of October 2011, which was quadrupled over last 5 years. Japanese investment into India is now expected to be further accelerated in coming years.               


 As another side of attractiveness, India with rich cultural and social heritages as well as diversified background has been considered as a difficult market by many Japanese business people, like Japan conceived by many Indians as the same.


 The key to business success in such difficult markets is;

① To obtain lucid understanding of local business practice and social conditions through very well prepared market research

② To secure reliable local business partners

③To establish effective collaborative relationship with the Indian establishment (political, governmental and business circles in particular).


“Sun and Sands Consultants” can extend most powerful and reliable support for the great business success of our clients in both India and Japan, by mobilizing its rich experiences as well as most effectively using its extensive network.

 CEO of Sun and Sands Consultants

Yasukuni  Enoki

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Company’s name  : Sun and Sands Consultants Co., Ltd.

Address  : 1-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Shin Marunouchi                 Building 10F,  EGG -Japan

Representative  : Yasukuni Enoki  ( CEO )

Establishment:    November 2011

Capital:  1,000,000 Yen

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Business services: Consulting service and related activities including information provision to assist business operations of both Japanese and Indian business into the respective market.