Sun and Sands Group offers strategic, management and financial consulting for cross border businesses between India and Japan. Working with a wide range of partners, information sources and network of people we provides win-win solutions by bridging the cultural, people and information gap.

We provide a holistic range of services across:



1.   Ideas on business possibilities



2.   Advice on financial investments, capital raising and structuring


3.   Advice on business development and planning


4.   Partner identification, due diligence, introduction, negotiation and follow up


5.   Promotion, branding and marketing


6.   Local support and resources


7.   Cultural and linguistic help


8.   Customized news for your business


9.   Relevant market research and analysis


10. The latest market and industry trend analysis


11. Information on relevant policies and policy updates


12. Information on taxation and cross border trade issues


13. Information and facilitation on Government projects


14. Preferential participation and contents on seminars and public events


15. Introduction to other relevant experts


16. Access to India-Japan Club and Gateway to Japan: India Economic Zone ecosystem


17. Human resource finding.


18. Adhoc requests and inquiries