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Sun and Sands Advisors offers strategic, management and financial consulting for cross border businesses between India and Japan. Working with a wide range of partners, information sources and network of people we provides win-win solutions by bridging the cultural, people and information gap.

We offer a 5 steps process tailored for the client specific needs in a new cross border initiative:

Brain Storming
Making sense of Indian diversity and Japanese peculiarities in client specific context. Help define key areas of business opportunities and approach for further analysis.

Structured Research, Analysis and Planning
Optimally leveraging the network of specialists in the target country for the client specific needs. Generate unique information values with competitive edge for the client through active liaison.

Match Making
Finding right partners in the destination country. Create maximum synergies and optimal collaboration models by bridging the cultural, information and mind set gap.

Financial Advisory

Help execute joint ventures or M&A deals with target partners.

Post business entry support
On going support with network of professional services like PR, Human Resource and logistics. Leverage the established relationships and understanding on both sides for continued value creation


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